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Feb 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
representatives from the lone star state, one of whom, sheila jackson lee, has distinguished herself in many different areas, but has been a thoughtful leader in the area of comprehensive immigration reform and currently the ranking member on the house committee on homeland security subcommittee on border and maritime security. and also is a senior member of the house committee on the judiciary and the important subcommittee on immigration and border security. we are thankful she is a long time champion of a fair and humane immigration system. and i yield the floor to congresswoman sheila jackson lee. ms. jackson lee: i would like to thank the distinguished gentleman from new york and the distinguished the gentleman from nevada. and i particularly want to thank them for hosting this vital discussion, this special order and pay tribute to them for doing a service to the nation. when we speak on the floor of the house and we come from different states, new york, nevada, texas, ohio, i think we have just about covered america. it has an amazing impact on our colleagues and certainly constituent
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am EST
. caller: good morning. actually, i am from jackson, and that is for the capital is. i am retired in 2009. it is a good thing. i was a civil servant. now in the state house, there is legislation or some young republicans want to phase out our state retirement program for civil servants. there's house bill 486 that allows people to just elect if they want to contribute to like a personal retirement system instead of the state retirement. host: as far as your first novel -- a personal plan, is that grandfathered from this legislature? caller: i have read most of the bill. it is just in committee. yes, they would probably grandfather me in because i am retired. but the same thing is it will hurt the retirement system because it will bleed people off of it. host: you don't have to mention specifics, but what does that look like? he received a monthly benefit? caller: it is about $1,300. i say that probably about $30,000. i am set up in a way. host: are you going to tax social security? caller: i am 58, so it will be awhile. host: what did you do? caller: i was a librarian. host: and that was
Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm EST
went skiing in jackson hole, wyoming. but there are some people who can't do these things. wake up in a morning and see a different face and i feel fortunate and lucky to have the recovery i did which allowed me to get to the point where i can become an advocate and share my story with people like you and your viewers. host: why do you think we have had a series of mass chootings, whether it is virginia tech, aurora, colorado, newtown, connecticut? guest: a part of that deals with easy access to firearms. there are too many people who leave their guns accessible to children or those with dangerous mental illness and sell guns to strangers without background checks. we should change that and improve that. i wanted to work with the brady campaign and spend time up here in congress. i think there is a lot of factors. but i think the one that separates us from the modern industrialize fd world is our accessibility to firearms. host: these are 2011 numbers, the most recent we were able to obtain from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms which gives you the amount of firearms sold
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3